Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Perpetual Vigil II

I needed to draw another picture of Marina in the cathedral because everything I said on the picture I did last year is exponentially more applicable now.

I wanted this one to be able to be seen, if not fully understood, by those who haven't yet watched all of Layton's Mystery Journey: Katrielle's Mystery-Solving File, so if you have watched it, or you don't mind knowing its revelations ahead of time, last year's picture, with an extensive explanation of the Eucharistic parallel, is here and I'll keep the description on this one spoiler-free, and just say I use the love between Marina and her husband as a reflection to help one understand the relation of the soul and Christ in the Eucharist.

It's obvious that what I said there about Jesus in the Eucharist as the Prisoner of Love has all the more relevance now, when the lay faithful are cut off from being with Him in His Sacrifice, with the suspension of public Mass in several countries. I have to say I disagree strongly with this decision. I am not one of those who thinks Corona is no big deal, but even if it be the worst plague in history, the Mass is more essential than anything in the world.

I do acknowledge this is a matter of prudence, something on which Catholics can disagree in good faith, but I am firm in my stance on the matter: I do not think it is a good decision. It would be far better to do as the bishops of Poland said: increase the number of Masses so that the congregations will be smaller; and to emphasize that the sick, infirm, and their caretakers are exempted, and that it is not necessary for everyone, or in fact anyone except the priest, who attends to receive Holy Communion.

In many places, fortunately, there is still Eucharistic exposition and adoration. (I would like to draw an additional picture for the places where it is prevented.) We may not be with Him in His Sacrifice, we may not receive Him, but we can be as close as we can to Him where He is contained, and love Him in silence until He is no longer imprisoned.

Pray that God bring the maximum good out of this situation, and please pray for my sister, that she not be put in a situation like Marina's--not analogously, but literally--please pray that her wedding, planned for June, is not obstructed.

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