Thursday, April 11, 2019

Mary Magdalene's Perfume Bottle

First of four pictures for Passiontide.

This idea started because the lolita fashion brand called Mary Magdalene, unlike many of the others, doesn't have a whole lot of pictorial prints, but one that they do have is called Perfume Bottle, and it occurred to me, does that have anything to do with their name-patron's actions? So I decided to draw that scene, which is the Gospel for Monday of Holy Week, with her wearing the Perfume Bottle one-piece dress. And then it became about Judas' hypocritical avarice, and how Marxist Modernists who emulate it really just want to give God ugliness. Here's a good article about that.

"No one can be at the same time a good Catholic and a true Socialist.” - Pope Pius XI


respicamar said...

That IS very interesting to speculate about the connection of the name "Perfume Bottle." There's so much intricate detail here that I would love to enlarge more than my computer will allow; maybe I can study the original eventually. I'm always in awe of your command of perspective (as seen in Christ's chair detailing and also His foreshortened hand) and also your patience with fine lines.

Haven't I seen Judas' face somewhere before?

Mary MacArthur said...

Thanks! I haven't had as much patience for fine detail lately, trying to get back to that.

I dunno. I didn't base his face on anything, but if it reminds you of any real life prelates like unto him, that makes a certain amount of sense!

Laramie Hirsch said...

This is a very nice picture, Mary. Gonna show my girls when they wake up tomorrow.

Mary MacArthur said...

Thank you! That's perfect, since I got mixed up and it's actually the Gospel for today!