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Our Lady of Victory, Star of the Sea of Stars
(The Battle of Lepanto in Space)
Stigmatization of St. Francis
Ink, pastel on paper.
Mary Magdalene's Perfume Bottle
Ink, gouache on paper.
The Mermaid from Metropolis!
Ink, watercolor on paper. Inspired by Lois Lane #12.

Benjamin Franklin
Ink on paper.

A Chord of Colour
Ink on paper. Prints available.

Blanche, Rouge, et Noir
Inspired by Black as Night by Regina Doman.

Fin Lough
Oil on canvas. Commissioned work.
Enclosed is a Puzzle
Ink on paper. Inspired by Professor Layton 
and the Unwound Future.

Ink on paper, digital. Honorable mention,
welovefine Homestuck t-shirt contest.
T-shirts available.
Acrylic, crayon, ink on paper.

St. Lucy
Pastel on paper.
Rocky coast
Oil on canvasboard. Sold.

Lake House
Oil on canvas.
Ink on paper. Prints available.

Oil on canvas.
Windup Grandma Remembers
Ink on paper, digital.

Ink on paper.
Rococo clock
Ink on paper. Prints available.

Holy Face of Mary
Oil on canvas. Commissioned work.
Eat us Alive
Ink on paper. Inspired by Hunger Games by
Suzanne Collins. Prints available.


Laramie Hirsch said...

I really like the picture of St. Lucy. Very cool. I wonder if you'd enjoy illustrating some fairy tale illustrations.

Mary MacArthur said...

Thank you! Ooh, that sounds like an enticing project, and I admire your writing and would be eager to work with you. It would be a while before I could get to a new project, however, but if you are still interested, email me at snowflakeclockwork[at]gmail[dot]com. Thank you again!