Liturgical Calendar Coloring Book

Have you seen my Saint's days coloring pages? (Check them out here.) Want more, like the complete Catholic Liturgical Calendar? You've come to the right place!

I have three versions of the Calendar available: General, USA, and USA Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter. Every version has all the saints that are universally celebrated; over two hundred coloring pages. The USA version adds saints locally observed in the United States, and the USA Ordinariate has all those plus saints celebrated by the Anglican Ordinariate. (Go here to find out more about the Ordinariate, and note: it is in full communion with the Roman Catholic Church.)

You can buy it by email, in which case I will either send you twelve PDF files, one for each month, over a few emails, or, with a small shipping fee, I will mail you a CD with twelve PDF files on it.
If you order the whole thing via email, make sure you've got at least 75 MB of free space in your inbox. 

Also please note it is NOT an automatic download; I have to see the notification of your payment and then email you the files; so the amount of time between payment and delivery varies; allow up to 36 hours for delivery.

General: $27.00 via email, $28.50 on CD
USA: $28.00 via email, $29.50 on CD
USA Ordinariate: $29.00 via email, $30.50 on CD


You can also buy just one month's set, for $6.00 each. (Ordinariate version)

January through June

July through December

Or if you prefer to pay by check, email me at: snowflakeclockwork [at] gmail [dot] com