Thursday, April 15, 2010

Peace and Hope

You might have seen this picture already, but ah. ^_^ This is inspired by a legend that says during the reign of Brian Boru, Ireland was so peaceful that a girl with a golden ring walked all the way across it alone safely. "Siochain" (there should be accents over the first I and the A but I don't know how on Blogger; bear with me, I'm just learning) means "Peace" in Irish. There's also an old Irish alphabet called Ogham where each letter is named for a kind of tree. The trees by the road and their leaves/blossoms blowing by in the lower left spell Siochain.

Last summer I went to Ireland, and took many photos which served as references for this picture. But I spent most of my time there in Northern Ireland learning about the Conflict of the seventies through the nineties, talked to ex-prisoners from both sides, including Martin McGuinness who is now deputy leader of Northern Ireland; as well as religious leaders who worked for peace. What I heard and saw also informs this picture's meaning.

As for the Hope part of this entry, I just submitted some art to Gilbert magazine (can't figure out how to make words into links yet either) for consideration for their art issue. Prayers please that they like it! *fingers crossed*

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