Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Aitkin Age column - Old familiar arguments for killing

I fear I might develop a reputation for contrariness among the readers of the Aitkin Independent Age, for more of my columns have been in argumentative response to other columnists than any other writer during the time I've been working there. But when they argue for killing people, I have a moral obligation not to let it go unanswered.

Having been in the pro-life movement since childhood, I’ve heard the arguments for abortion hundreds of times, but they still make me furious. The arguments Pam King makes in her Aug. 17, 2016 column are old, tired ones I’ve seen over and over but the duty to defend innocent life still calls me to rebut them.

Ms. King retells the “back alley abortions” scare story that if abortion were illegal, women would do it with wire hangers and kill themselves. For one thing, in Minnesota, abortion facilities could very well be using wire hangers; there’s nothing to stop them doing so. They are not required to be licensed nor inspected. Restaurants get inspected. Tattoo parlors are rigorously regulated for the health of customers. But for abortion facilities, where they perform surgery, there are no health inspection requirements whatsoever.

Hundreds of mothers have died from complications from completely legal abortion procedures. Lakisha Wilson, Tonya Reaves and Jennifer Morbelli are just some of the names of women who died in recent years. Reaves bled to death, an ambulance not called for five hours, in a facility run by Planned Parenthood, supposedly the most respectable abortion provider, which receives billions in government funding. But even in the cleanest and most professional facilities, someone dies in every single abortion procedure. That’s the point of the procedure.
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Charlotte (MotherOwl) said...

This sentence: "But even in the cleanest and most professional facilities, someone dies in every single abortion procedure. That’s the point of the procedure"
really gets to the point. Can I translate your article, or parts of it, into Danish and bring it in a small tri-monthly catholic journal,I edit with 3 other catholics believing in the eachings pf the Church. You'll get only the treasures in Heaven as reward, as we're deep diaspora and poor in Denmark. Less tahn 1 % of the population are cahtolics, and most of these are immigrants or descendants thereof or comverts.
Thanks for keeping on! Like Paulus "Fidem servavi!"

Mary MacArthur said...

Thank you.
That will probably be fine, but I'll have to ask the editor. I'll get back to you! Thanks for asking!