Friday, November 22, 2019

Paper Doll Veronika update

Paper Doll Veronika has updated; Chapter 11, "Maverick Feudalism" is posted!
The chapter begins here.
The story begins here.

This panel rather gives away what happens in the chapter, but I wanted to feature it for the poetry. I like stories that mix some verse in with the prose, like The Lord of the Rings, and there's already been some of that with the oracular pronouncements. There will be more! I like this one, and I looked at some real historical oaths of fealty to model it on.

It updates every Friday. I recommend using the "Save your place" gadget, even once you catch up, because the site starts at the beginning and updates are several pages.

Veronika Bosch, who's never left her father's estate, has to go on a journey when envious animals kick her out. Half collage, half puppetry, it's the traditional media equivalent of an elaborate sprite comic.

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