Saturday, March 7, 2020

Paper Doll Veronika Lenten lacuna

As you may have seen if you checked Paper Doll Veronika for its weekly update, I'm taking another break, and this is the longest one yet. I'll post again starting on Good Friday, April 10. I hope none will take this as irreverent. I chose carefully so that the most appropriate of the upcoming segments would land thereon, and I'll be more subdued about it than other updates.

This is mostly because the rest of March must all be given over to finishing the second volume of The Day-by-Day Coloring Book of Saints.

It will be a great relief to be all done with that after all this time, and then I'll be able to concentrate more on other projects and have some time for the preparations for my sister's wedding! Along the way, I've had some ideas for more coloring books along the same lines, but sold independently by myself as a printable pdf, like the Liturgical Calendar Coloring Book used to be. I won't say what it is, for fear that someone would take my idea, but one's for girls and one's for boys!

In addition to making a stockpile once again, I also want to develop more extra things for Paper Doll Veronika. There's the bonus art, character profiles, and bloopers on the Bonus Material page and I want to add character portraits; and you might notice at the top of that page I talk about something called the Paper Doll Club. Not everything I list for it is there yet, and that's okay because there are no members yet, haha! But I'm preparing more and more, and I'll get promoting it after this Lenten break is over.

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