Friday, July 25, 2014

I will be a one-artist Artist Alley, maybe

Possibly? There could be other artists vending, but I've never seen it at the ones I've been to; it's generally booksellers. What I am talking about? Well,

I will have a table at this year's G.K. Chesterton conference! I'll have loads of copies of the Liturgical Calendar Coloring Book on CD, minus the shipping cost that you have to pay if you order it on CD online! I'll have the whole Coloring Book printed out for perusing! I'll have for the first time the complete set of Rosary Mysteries Coloring pages, including Joyful, on CD! I'll have a couple copies of Clare's Costly Cookie! I'll have art prints and cards! I will have copies of a booklet of poetry by G.K. Chesterton illustrated by me with never-before-seen illustrations! I'll have a short story comic, never-before-seen-in-its-entirety, in booklet form! And I may have a big project to unveil, depending on whether I can figure certain things out in time.

I think most of the folks who are going have already signed up, but if you're going, I'll be there too!

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Melody said...

I wish I could be there! Have fun!