Friday, December 12, 2014

Finding in the Temple coloring page - Joyful Mysteries

With the Finding in the Temple, I have now completed coloring pages of all twenty Mysteries of the Rosary! You can purchase them here.

So now I offer a Complete Set, as well as a Traditional Set without the Luminous, because I know some folks prefer that. (And the Rosary is a private devotion so variation on what you meditate on is perfectly permissible. You can certainly say 15 or 20 Our Father's and 150 or 200 Hail Mary's whilst thinking about all sorts of holy things! Like the apparitions of Our Lady, that's an idea. (And it may just be my next series of coloring pages...) I'm just saying, I won't tolerate anybody fighting on my blog over how many Mysteries there should be.) I also have a very special thing: the Non-Overlap Set for folks who already bought the Liturgical Calendar Coloring Book; it just has the pages that aren't in that!

So again, these Rosary Mysteries coloring pages are available here.

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