Sunday, April 1, 2012

Did I tell you I like thrift stores?

The other day I went shopping at one and found two amazing clocks.

This one has just gorgeous hands--so tiny, ornately carved, with ivory enamel!

It doesn't work; something's wrong with the main spring. I need to get the movement apart; there are tons of luscious gears in there.

The other clock has a gorgeous solid brass face, a unique hour hand, and an awesome name: Telechron.

I was taking it apart and it's incredibly well-made. I can't get the back plate off but there are only four gears underneath, an elegant design.

I did some research and found out that Telechron was America's first electric clock company. And that my clock is called The Inheritance, was made in the fifties, and would be worth about fifty dollars if I could get it to run. (I paid seven dollars for it.)

Here you can see the frame. This picture credit Jay Kennan.

It's supposed to have a cord but doesn't. But maybe I can get it fixed!

Oh, and I got some clothes.

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Shaylynn said...

Those clocks are so beautiful and old... *happy sigh*

I feel like Sally Sparrow (I don't know if you watch Doctor Who?) "Old and sad is happy for deep people."

The clothes are cute, too. :)