Thursday, December 21, 2017

SJW "Next Generation" stories are terrible

 There's a pattern stories follow when they're written by cultural Marxists--also known as SJWs--and most especially particularly when the stories deal with "the Next Generation" of whatever saga. Examples are Legend of Korra, several current Marvel comics, and, it seems (I haven't seen them myself but from what I've heard) the new Star Wars movies.

This pattern is to deconstruct and denigrate the earlier generation. You know, the one that made people love the story in the first place.

Legend of Korra made Aang have been a terrible father, never told us whether Zuko and Mai married or whom/if Sokka married, and made Toph a slut who was still as selfish as she was in the pre-learn-a-lesson part of "The Runaway," not to mention making the heroine contrivedly homosexual, so that there will never be another next generation.

Marvel comics have replaced almost all their major heroes, Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, Spiderman, with new characters, the old ones left in humiliation: Thor unworthy to lift his hammer, Steve Rogers disgraced by that Nazi business, Peter Parker a failure.

And Star Wars, I have heard, has made Han and Leia divorced and their son hate them, Luke having abandoned all hope – which I just realized was his signature virtue in the original story – and has both Han and Luke die pathetically.

I may be wrong about this last one because, as said, I haven't seen them, and I know some Star Wars fans who still love the new films. But I also know of many fans who feel betrayed, just like I did with Korra.

It makes me sad for those who loved these stories, but it also makes me very grateful that the story I love most of all, Ace Attorney, did not do this when it had its own Next Generation segment. So I started to think, what would it have been like if Ace Attorney had been given the SJW treatment? It's an interesting thought experiment.

Spoilers follow for the Ace Attorney series up through Apollo Justice.

It might appear on first examination that Ace Attorney did indeed do something like this in Apollo Justice, with Phoenix disbarred in disgrace, drinking too much, fallen so far from his brilliant career as the defense attorney who always believed in his clients and snatched victory from the jaws of defeat. But this is not actually a degradation of Phoenix's character. The secret is the turnabout. Phoenix was unjustly disbarred, is actually most knowledgeable and in control of the situation, and arranges everything so that Apollo will come into his own and defeat the murderous plot years in its infernal fruition. The key to the whole game and trilogy – indeed, the key to any real good Next Generation story, is the older generation nurturing and bringing the rising generation into its own. It should be about passing on the torch, not trampling on the ashes of the past and cursing the darkness.

Spoilers follow for the Ace Attorney series up through Spirit of Justice.

So, what would the second Ace Attorney trilogy have been like if it had been written according to the cultural Marxist playbook? Well, Phoenix's alcoholism would be a much bigger deal and make it so he'd have never risen from his ashes of disbarrment, and Apollo's disappointment in him would have carried through to a rejection of his guidance. Apollo would not be allowed to be the central figure of the trilogy that he is, because he's male! He would have fallen in Dual Destinies when he loses faith in Athena (who would be the main hero overall). It wouldn't have been Phoenix who rescues him from his grief and doubt in a healing way, no; Athena, who wouldn't lack confidence or be suffering traumatic panic attacks, because she'd be a Strong Female Lead, would just show him how wrong he is. Then, oh my goodness, Spirit of Justice. Fathers are the thing which must be brought down most of all in the SJW worldview. No father figure can go without being shown to be wicked, a failure, or weak in some way. So not only would Apollo's feelings that Dhurke abandoned him never be counteracted, Jove would have to be shown to be a failure too. They'd probably have him leaving baby Apollo to the flames in an effort to save himself. And a revolution leaving a theocratic monarchy intact? No way! Rayfa, like Prince Wu in Korra, would abdicate and pursue self-fulfillment as a dancer, and Nahyuta would lose his faith.

Aren't you glad it isn't that way? I sure am. If there's one thing I've learned from the disappointments of Korra, Homestuck, Doctor Who, it's that the SJW Narrative makes for horrible storytelling. That's 'cause it hates Truth, Beauty, and Goodness.

Let's make stories that are better than that.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Comics by Jon Del Arroz

Jon Del Arroz, author of Star Realms: Rescue Run and For Steam and Country, has a Patreon up for development of future projects, particularly comics. There are rewards of short stories, drafts and bonus scenes and exciting stuff like that! 

I would contribute but it would be a bit circuitous, as some of it would be going back to me, as I have the great privilege of working with him on one of these upcoming projects, a steampunk comic called Clockwork Dancer! I'm tremendously excited. It's got fascinating characters and I'm really looking forward to exploring the mechanical, architectural, human, and ... artificially human visuals in the art. 

Jon is great to work with, generous and encouraging. I will do my best and I hope you will take a look when the time comes!

Friday, December 1, 2017

Remembrance process

Lineart for my Remembrance picture:

And with the figure ink-painted: