Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Painting, paint-cakes, and light in glass

Many pictures in this post!

First, I worked more on that commissioned painting of Our Lady. I couldn't get one single good photo, so here are a few to show different aspects.

This one is the clearest. I may do a few more finishing touches, or it may be done. I'll scan it when it dries.

 This is a bit dark, but shows more of the color dimensions.

This overexposed picture recalls the faint image it was based on, from the Pieta Prayer Book. I can find no other information about that image, which is frustrating. I'll have more to say about that when I post the final painting.

 I bought a very small set of watercolors for keeping in my purse, as well as a brush that holds water inside it! Unwrapping the cakes was fun--like candy!

And just for beauty, light coming through the base of a depression glass bowl.

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