Monday, January 4, 2016

2015 arts of the month

For the past couple years at the end of the year, I've filled the above template with details of a piece of art I did in each month, and it makes a nice overview of the year. In 2015, I didn't have time to draw much. The latter months have mostly panels from my fancomic, Batman: Decadence, which was all I had time for at the time. There's also, for August, a wedding photograph, which I got to do in professional capacity, of my sister-in-law. And December's got a sketch from what was then a work-in-progress, the finished which I will post presently!

For this new year, I want to draw much, much more. I have observed how very quickly my drawing ability grows when I am drawing a lot and even more quickly lessens when I'm not. More art, and doing more with it: more coloring pages to form into sets and books, more paintings to offer for sale, more fancomics to post and regular comics to try to publish, more fanart for the love of stories and for fun. To this end, I have already started to make an effort to manage my time and sleep habits better. May I prevail, and may you also toward worthy goals in this new year!

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