Saturday, March 26, 2016

Batman: Decadence - Masque Chapter IV

The fourth chapter of my elegant gothic lolita-inspired Batman fancomic is here.

The beginning of the story is here.

The cover image was colored by Anna.

I hope no one will take it as irreverent my posting this during the Triduum. I think that on the contrary, it is appropriate. Every fictional hero should be a Christ figure in one way or another, just as we real folks are all called to imitate Christ, and superheroes are particularly suited to be, as it is their premise to be one ready at all times to sacrifice himself for others.

As always, this comic is violent, so not for young children. The full content advisory is here

I stayed up the night between Holy Thursday and Good Friday, something I'd always wanted to do, working on the chapter and listening to Ann Barnhardt's Sorrowful Mysteries against the Heresy of Modernism. I also found this schedule diagram in an old missal I was looking at, that was wonderful to have by whilst keeping vigil on that night.

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