Friday, May 12, 2017

Aitkin Age column: Conditions of life and death

My latest column for the Aitkin Independent Age is in reaction to some recent articles therein espousing an instrument that can be used to protect against one's medically-sanctioned murder or to facilitate it, so I was compelled to enjoin against the latter.

There have been some recent articles about advanced health care directives. By all means, it’s a good idea to prepare one. But I beg you, do not let it be used for killing.

End of life ethics is a very difficult area. I’m not a doctor, so I cannot tell exactly in what circumstances treatment is futile. I don’t know enough to judge individual cases. But I do know the absolute moral principle of never killing a person except in defense. We are not morally obliged to do absolutely everything possible to extend a person’s life for as long as possible. But we are morally obliged never to take action to bring about their death, even if they wish us to.
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