Monday, May 14, 2018

The Eagle Doctor's little daughter

I had a dream where there was this country doctor who could turn into a bald eagle, and there was some problem with a trade union in the town, and the doctor's daughter had a cursed doll that caused her to die, and this trade unionist woman showed up to demand what the doctor was going to do for the trade union, and he was so angry and upset and he went out to meet her carrying the body of his little daughter.

And the scene was visually striking so I woke up inspired to draw it, and it served the purpose of: in the midst of illustration for hire, I need to be drawing something of my own now and then or I burn out.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful,
I am capturing some of this for my blog with the due credits harvard

Mary MacArthur said...

That is funny, since your earlier use of my work was to portray as “stigma” my statement that sacrilege against the Lord in the Blessed Sacrament is wrong, and you did not see fit to inform me then.