Monday, July 9, 2018

Prayer request for a mentally ill heretical art thief

A woman who calls herself Brother Andrew Blair as well as Brother Francis Clare has been taking my artwork without permission to use on posts attacking the Catholic doctrine of the Eucharist. First, she made this post, citing my statements on the evil of Eucharistic sacrilege as an example of "stigma." Later, apparently under the impression I was unaware of this, she made the following comment on my post "The Eagle Doctor's Little Daughter":
Absolutely beautiful,
I am capturing some of this for my blog with the due credits harvard
To which I replied:
That is funny, since your earlier use of my work was to portray as “stigma” my statement that sacrilege against the Lord in the Blessed Sacrament is wrong, and you did not see fit to inform me then.
After which, she edited her comment so that it changed to being anonymous. Then, she used my work again, without credit, on this post, which, though it is quite incoherent, seems to be attacking the idea of the Blessed Sacrament as the Source and Summit of the Christian life.

I have left a comment demanding the removal of my artwork due to copyright violation, and if she does not comply I will submit a DMCA notice to her web host. UPDATE: The artwork has been removed as requested. I have also made a request for a Mass to be offered for her. Alongside her attacks on the Eucharist, she is severely mentally ill, both unadmittedly, in that she claims to be a man, and admittedly, having "bipolar affective disorder with some psychotic episodes." So please pray for her.

To her, if she is reading, I say, Jesus loves you in the Blessed Sacrament, but He can only live in you if you stop lying, about Him and about yourself.

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