Wednesday, November 14, 2018

T-Bird & Throttle mini-review

Art by Josh Howard
I just read Issue 1 of T-Bird & Throttle by Josh Howard, one of the many recent independent comic crowdfund efforts. This one caught my eye because of the clean, cartoonish style combined with violent and tragic subject matter -- read the first few pages here to see what I mean.

People often complain of comics, books, and shows being too dark, and they have a point, especially when the protagonist wallows in that darkness, being immoral and unlikeable themselves. But that's not the case here. I like stories dark as long the hero is fighting the darkness. Despite everything, Mitch Maddox, a.k.a. T-Bird, is striving with all his might to be a worthy hero and father. Awesome characters who are fathers are something there should be lots, lots more of.

I also really like "parasitically" super-powered heroes, the primary exemplar being the third Blue Beetle, my favorite superhero of all. The first issue already has a lot of dramatic threads going, present-day resonance without dated preaching, and character complexity. Really makes one want to know more!

The crowdfund stage is complete, but I think you can still get it with "InDemand," on Indiegogo.

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