Friday, December 14, 2018


This is an art blog, but I do sometimes talk about the Catholic Faith. It being the truth of reality, I must recognize it in all I do and strive to express it in my art, toward the glory of God.

The Catholic Church is in turmoil presently. Revelations of the extent of sodomite activity in the clergy, the proliferation of the Kasperite heresy, and the continuation of the Modernist heresy are all scandalizing the faithful. Many contradictory statements made by putative Pope Francis, some of them heretical, do untold damage.

I am not here stating my opinion on the validity of Pope Benedict XVI's resignation, but I am stating the following, which is a certainty:

If you believe Pope Benedict XVI's resignation to be valid, you should refer to him as Joseph Ratzinger.


Tomas said...

And not as Pope Emeritus, which seems to be the practice of the magisterial episcopacy at this point?

Tomas said...

Also, can he be considered a Cardinal currently? Is he Cardinal-Priest or -Bishop of a church or diocese in Rome? I believe a Pope relinquishes these positions upon being elevated Pope of Rome. Sodano and Arinze currently hold the Cardinal-Bishop positions he held before 2005.

Mary MacArthur said...

To 12:41 comment: Correct. If he resigned validly, he is not pope in any way or form and should not be called pope in any way or form.

To 12:48 comment: Perhaps he has lost his cardinalate; I am not sure how that works; I will amend.