Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Clockwork Dancer preview in colour!

The colorist has worked his magic on the first page of Clockwork Dancer, written by the extremely patient Jon Del Arroz! I love how warm and vintage it looks, and I especially like the shading on the arm in the first panel.

As implied, I have gone very slow on this, and am extremely grateful for Mr. Del Arroz's bearing with me. Having increased my drawing speed and laid out a comprehensive work schedule, I have now promised to do the remaining pages in the first three weeks of July, and I'm posting this here to really hold me accountable! Please look forward to this ripping steampunk adventure!

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respicamar said...

Very exciting! I agree that the color adds great warmth, but would argue that the strength of the underlying lines and the composition of the page as a whole are what make this "go." I'm very anxious to see the story and its artwork unfold!