Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Bovodar and the Bears novel cover painting process

I have finished the cover illustration for the second edition of Bovodar and the Bears, but you cannot see it yet. For now, here's some of my process for gouache painting it.

First I painted each area of the landscape with a basic color. The area of the mountains is included with the sky, so the shadows on the mountains would be sky colored to give a sense of distance.

Added a green to the foreground ground.

Then, to know where to paint the details, I printed out a copy of the original ink drawing on tracing paper.

Just the printer ink wasn't enough to show through the painted paper when placed on my lightbox, so I outlined the relevant features with black paint.

Then I was able to use a white colored pencil to trace the cloud, mountains, and tree branches onto the painting.

That's all for now. You can see how it turned out when the second edition comes out! To be notified when that is, sign up for the email newsletter here.

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