Sunday, May 2, 2021

Bovodar and the Bears now on Arktoons!!


Joining the throng of awesome comics on Arkhaven's new platform is... Bovodar and the Bears!!!

Along with: 

Chicago Typewriter by Brandon Fiadino

Swan Knight's Saga by Chuck Dixon and Richard Bonk based on books by John C. Wright

and AI Wars by Jon Del Arroz and Felzbug Formosa

Read all about 'em on Bounding into Comics!

That's right! Arkhaven will be releasing Bovodar and the Bears on this digital platform and eventually, hard copy! It's tremendously exciting for this to be happening. Read the first episode of the comic here! 

At this point, yes, it's the same amount as the preview, but that will change in a week, and then we'll really be rolling! Plus this format is much better for reading on mobile! Please enjoy it!

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