Friday, August 27, 2021

With a lack of internet access, I can achieve anything!

Based on my experience having taken a week offline, I've decided, henceforward, other than for specific tasks, I will only allow myself on the internet on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. This way I feel I can really do all the projects I've set out to achieve!

Hopefully, soon the Fridays will include posting Paper Doll Veronika updates once again. I'm going away again, for at least four months, and I won't be able to take along all my supplies, so I've been trying to make all the backgrounds, props, and dolls needed for the rest of Part 2 - Mountain, so I can just take all that and be able to assemble the actual pages at my destination. And now I'm thinking, maybe this is the way to do all the Parts: first make the components so I don't have to stop along the way. Seems good to me.

This feeling of potential even has me planning the return of comic projects of my own that I haven't touched in years... mainly, Batman: Decadence. I've come a long way 'round on my thinking bout stories that are subject to corporate ruination. I'm not even going to acknowledge what the entity calling itself DC does now. I'm just going to act as though they don't exist, and carry on telling a story about Batman.

And I have plans for changing the media to make it faster! Waterbrushes are a lovely boon. I can draw so much better now too, it'll look so good when I get back to it!

While I'm away from home, a lot is going to change for how I work, but this abstention from the internet has me energized!

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