Friday, August 3, 2012

white water lily

With all the rain this year, there were even more water lilies than usual. I determined to go down to the pond and get one. This wasn't an easy task, with the shoulder-tall grass and thorny raspberry plants all over the swampy ground around the pond, not to mention all the buzzing deer flies, mosquitoes, and ticks (though they didn't buzz.) On my first try, I thought I could venture a few steps into the water to reach a lily, but found that the mud near shore instantly makes you sink thigh-deep. So I had to come back and try again with a long-handled garden fork. Armed with that, I struggled for what seemed like an hour with very tough lily stems, got a boot full of water and even dropped my digital camera in the water (fortunately it still worked,) but, as you can see, I finally got one, brought it inside, and put it in a bowl.


Where I took many photographs of it.

Every evening it would close up, and then the next morning it would be open again. It lasted surprisingly long.

And of course, my main goal was to paint it.

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