Thursday, January 24, 2013

St. Paul Miki and companions coloring page

Working on the coloring pages for February. Now, you might have missed January's issue but you can still sign up for coloring pages for every single feast in the liturgical calendar; the first one you'll get now will be February, but then when next January comes around you'll get those pages then! So everyone gets everything, no matter when they sign up.

One thing, relevant to the page above: although it's for children, some of these are bit violent, as you can see. But this is true to the stories of the saints; the veneration of saints started with martyrs and always returns to that, because that is the truest imitation of Christ. 

I once saw this treasury of Bible stories for children. It covered the typically-retold stories of Genesis, Exodus, Daniel, Jonah, then on to the life of Christ. But then, they left out the crucifixion. They left it out and just said at the beginning of the Resurrection story: "Jesus' disciples were very sad when He died..." I was shocked and disgusted. I understand not wanting to distress children, but without the sacrifice of the Cross the Resurrection is totally incomplete, and if we refused to acknowledge it I hardly think we could call ourselves Christian.

That said, the Japanese martyrs are fascinating. The first Mexican-born and the first Indian-born canonized saints were among them, did you know?

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