Saturday, February 9, 2013

Cover the walls!

Today I started something I should have done years ago: re-wallpapering my room. It's had this over-simplified without being interestingly stylized scattered flower-thing for years, and I always hated it: 

Vincent Price shares my feelings.
So, I just bought two rolls worth of something new, still floral, but far more elegant. (It was a lot of trouble to get it; Home Depot doesn't carry wallpaper; Lowe's has hardly any in the store and when I tried using the Lowe's website I find this nice stuff but then it's out of stock, which they don't tell me until I've already put it in my cart and done the first two steps of checkout, which by the way take forever to load. Bleh. I finally got it from a site called Steve's Blinds and Wallpaper, where it was also much cheaper than Lowe's had it.) 

I'm putting it up bit by bit as there's time and opportunity to move stuff out the way.

A vast improvement I think, and hanging it is kinda fun. The overall scheme is a bit too nursery-princess now, however, so we plan on repainting the moldings eventually, probably brown or green. Never liked that shade of pink, either.

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