Friday, February 1, 2013

Seven Founders of the Servites coloring page

I just sent out all the coloring pages for February! The feasts included were:

The Presentation of the Lord
Saint Blaise
Saint Gilbert of Sempringham
Saint Agatha
Saint Paul Miki and Companions
Saint Josephine Bakhita
Saint Scholastica
Our Lady of Lourdes
Saints Cyril and Methodius
The Seven Founders of the Servites
Saint Peter Damian
The Chair of Saint Peter
Saint Polycarp
Ash Wednesday

 You too can get a coloring page for every single Saint's day in the calendar, just sign up here.

This composition was tough to figure out, because, well, there're seven of them! I'm pretty proud of how it turned out. Golly, I haven't posted anything but coloring pages here for a while. Most of my free time lately I spend writing, revising the script for my Batman fancomic, so I haven't drawn much else.

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