Tuesday, May 7, 2013

English Martyrs coloring page

This is one of the pages in the May set for the Liturgical Calendar Coloring Book. There are two days in the year for English Martyrs, (at least on the Ordinariate calendar) and this one is for the lesser-known group of 85 martyrs beatified by Bl. John Paul II.

The ones I included are:
Back row: Bl. Nicholas Horner, who lost a leg to infection in prison; Bl. Robert Bickerdike, whose capital crime was giving a cup of ale to a Catholic priest; Bl. William Gibson, a Scottish nobleman; and Bl. Robert Nutter, who holds a scavenger's daughter, an instrument he was tortured with.
Front row: Bl. William Carter, a printer; Bl. Thomas Bullaker, a priest; and Bl. Henry Heath, a Franciscan priest.

The names of all 85 martyrs are here.

When you color it, be sure to give William Gibson this tartan! :D

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