Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas Cards for sale

Christmas cards with art by me:


Jesse watered a Rod,
And the Rod grew a Fruit;
The Fruit was the Rose of mercy,
Which was Medicine for the world,
And the world's ruin
Was healed today.
                    ~Adam of St. Victor

Madonna and Child Over the Stream

Illumined by grace,
Before the manger of the King,
Who alone reads the sealed book,
A new song we raise.
Let us praise
The Virgin's birthing,   
The new Leader we adore,
Who comes to seek us.
                ~ Adam of St. Victor

Madonna and Child of the Tamaracks

In the highest, hark the strain:
Glory to the newborn King,
Who doth with Him peace, again,
Joining Earth and Heaven, bring.
            -Adam of St. Victor

With the first two, translation is by me, with the third it's by Digby Wrangham. These are ones I've made for my own use over the past three years. This year I'll make a new one, and then next year that will be added to the collection, and so on.^_^

Seven dollars for a pack of five, Twelve dollars for a pack of ten, Two dollars shipping. Comes with envelopes.

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