Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Not so wee anymore

Warning: If you're vegetarian for sentimental reasons or otherwise put off by the idea that the meat we eat was living animals, you might not want to go any further.

So the chickies have just about grown up.

As planned, we're slaughtering all but one rooster, so the remaining hens can provide eggs and the remaining rooster and the hens hopefully provide a new brood of chicks next year. They're not bred for meat (the breeds that are are kinda nasty) so they're not too plump, but still, good eating.


Charlotte (MotherOwl) said...

They're so pretty, and I like the variation in colour. I bet they're like my chicken, tasty as young, but almost iinedible when they're older. We tried eating our first four hens as they stopped laying. It was like eating old boots with chicken taste :) Good luck with eggs and broody hens come spring.

Mary MacArthur said...

Yep, we got three different breeds: brown leghorn, barred rock, and buff orpington. Thanks!