Saturday, September 13, 2014

Wild scribbles vs delicate details

I've been making sure to do personal work in between working on commissions, because if I don't I run out of drawing energy. Because there's not much time, they've often been fast and scribbly, like these drawings of Big Barda and Mister Miracle, and the Creeper:

And with those two, I was also trying out a somewhat new medium: Faber-Castell Pitt artist pens with the brush tip. I really really like them. They're all sweeping and brushy, but allow a lot of control, and come in so many colors some of which are even semi-opaque on top of black! And I really enjoy being so wild and scribbly.

But judging from response, I think many people generally prefer a more refined and detailed look to pictures... I'm not sure about this; I haven't done a controlled study, haha, and the above pictures are also rather obscure characters. And I would like to ignore what people prefer and only draw what I like, but well, that doesn't pay the bills. And I do like drawing delicate details; it just takes longer. And an ornate look certainly fits with my big gothic lolita Batman fancomic, Decadence.

So, I'll probably be moving in a more detailed direction, like this relatively-quick-but-not-as-quick-as-the-brushpen-ones drawing of Harley Quinn, and the below sketch wip of Batgirl. But I want to keep scribbling too. Ah, that's one thing: really successful artists seem to stick with quite consistent style and media. I think my style, as regards the human face and figure anyway, has defined itself quite a bit by now, but I still want to be all over the place with media and how the pictures look overall. The cliches would tell me not to consider at all what other people like nor to try to settle down to a consistent style, but that might not be best for really building a solid body of work. Ah, I dunno, gotta get back to work.

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