Saturday, July 4, 2015

First professional writing

I almost forgot! For the first time, I wrote something for hire. It's a column for the newspaper where I work part time, a sort of self-introductory piece.

When there’s a place that is in childhood seen as paradise, living there in adulthood brings both gratification and trials. Such is my situation, having come to Aitkin every summer of my life, last year moving here for good.
Of course, everyone said I would hate the winter and while I still insist snow is magical, when it snowed on Easter Monday I finally admitted I’d had enough of it. Other trials spring from the economy, remoteness and more bureaucratic regulation than in my home state of Texas. I’m extremely lucky to have this job at the Age. It’s not what I wanted to be when I grew up – that’s an artist, which I also am, freelance – but I find means to be enthusiastic about it through my greatest passion, fiction.
Read the rest here, if you like.

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respicimar said...

I already wrote you of my high regard for this piece; and, in re-reading it, I find lots to admire structurally as well as content-wise ("contentially," if even a word, seems to connote "contentious-ness" and would not be at all what I'm wishing to convey).

At any rate, I'm very much looking forward to your and Anna's return to Houston: to show you what's changed, to revisit what hasn't, to fix you yummy meals (or visit yummy restaurants), and just to catch up!