Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Second professional writing

It's been a while since this went up; but I've been awfully busy. Went to Texas for a week for my brother's wedding, at which I was the photographer. And that, a real wedding, has to do, by contrast, with the subject of my second column for the Aitkin Independent Age:

It may be bold of me to write this column, as it is only my second and what I am going to say runs counter to the attitudes of many, including my fellow columnist Pam King, whose words you may have read last week. It may get me labeled a homophobe who cannot possibly be motivated by anything but pure hate. The fact that, as mentioned in my introductory column, I am proudly Texan may also get my argument rejected without consideration.

There are even newspapers which have announced that since the Supreme Court ruling, they will publish no columns nor letters opposing or criticizing same-sex marriage, since it’s now the law of the land. I wonder if they will be consistent and disallow opinions not in line with any current law, silencing argument for any change or new legislation.

I trust the impartiality of the Age enough to know I wouldn’t get fired for this, but I would at some places. Anyway, I am not now going to say anything about the right or wrong of same-sex sexual relationships. I am simply going to say something that should be obvious but seems to be overlooked: it is not the same thing as marriage.
Read the whole thing here.

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