Monday, February 5, 2018

Patreon beneficiary: Copetillo Arts

The third artist I contribute to on Patreon is Gloria Copetillo, who does illustrations of elegant girls.

The reason I chose to contribute in this case was not so much the art itself -- which is pretty, ornately detailed, and colored with the smoothest gradations of color -- or the patron rewards, which are cute and quite lavish on the higher levels-- but because Miss Copetillo is living a dream that particularly resonates with me. Many folks my age grew fascinated with Japan in our teenage years, as anime and manga boomed in popularity in the twenty-aughts. One particular facet of Japanese culture enchanted me most of all: Elegant Gothic Lolita fashion.

I've mentioned this in passing; it's a style that began in Japan in the eighties, based on Western women's clothing styles of the 18th-19th centuries, with goth, punk, and fantasy influence. Don't be scandalized by the name; while the name did, ultimately, derive from Nabokov, it was in a very convoluted manner and there's nothing perverse about the fashion itself. The aesthetic inspired my fancomic Batman: Decadence and it's one I try to follow myself, having acquired a few dresses, planning to sew more, and endeavoring to live a ladylike life.

Miss Copetillo is not only an artist, but a lolita who sews all her own dresses and moved from Mexico to Japan to pursue a career as an illustrator. It was the following video of her sewing handiwork that really made me want to support her:

Gloria Copetillo's Patreon page is here, and her Etsy shop is here.

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