Friday, November 9, 2018

A dress for Mother

For festivities surrounding my sister's wedding, my mother asked if I could make her a dress along the lines of one she'd loved for years:

This one from I Love Lucy. I was fortunate to find that paper doll version, as it suggested what structure to look for. I eventually found this pattern:

What took longer to find was a floral border print in a suitable size. After a long time, we found this on Etsy:

We bought six yards, all they had. It turned out to be just enough!

It was the first time I've ever made a garment from a commercial pattern, as well as my first time doing a roll collar or lining, so I did a muslin first to make sure I could do it right:

That went basically okay. Keeping my mistakes in mind, I moved on to the real thing:

And the finished result!:

She wore it to the bridal shower and present-opening party and got many compliments.

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respicamar said...

I love how my dress turned out!! Thank you so much for making it.