Monday, July 29, 2019

Anxiety in the Garden

Paper Doll Veronika updated as of last Friday, completing Chapter 2, for which this is bonus art. The update begins here.

I really need to systematize how I post concerning comic updates on my various internet places. The webcomic site design thingy I use won't let me make the homepage go to the first page of the latest update, only the last page of all or the first page of all. (Or at least, I cannot figure out how to make it let me do that.) So, I heartily recommend using the "Save your place" gadget on the right side of the site, including when your place is all caught up.

Anyway, the bonus art for the chapters lets me experiment and do things that I couldn't do on the normal pages--like those pressed flowers; they're far too delicate to be used on a page where characters have to move around a lot on top of them. I'm not totally satisfied with the background for this one, but I learned in the experimenting.

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