Friday, October 25, 2019

Fanart Brand Zero (or nearly)

Some fanart of major franchises which I won't be finishing.

As beloved IPs owned by mega-corporations are turned into sick mockeries of their past glories, many complain, lament, and pick apart the disasters. But some propose a better way. The primary principle is: Stop giving money to people who hate you.

It is clearly known that the huge entertainment corporations hate Christians, patriotic Americans, masculine men, those who disapprove of sexual perversion, and white people who aren't ashamed of being white. It is hard at first, but it is a relief to have done with them for good. If you're not ready to do so, I don't think that's wrong or horrible. I just encourage you. It's great to shed the hold that their ability to mutilate beloved characters has over oneself.

A corollary principle is: Attention equals money.
Rawle Nyanzi points out that any internet buzz about a movie, comic, video game, show, etc. is a sort of advertising for it, even if it's negative. So he is going full cold turkey with Brand Zero, an initiative which he describes here and here.
Brian Niemeier expands on the idea here.

I am all for it. I am not demanding that anyone do likewise, but I intend to, at least somewhat. I may still mention big brands in public internet postings, but I will try to decrease these mentions as much as I can and will not devote whole journals or blog posts to them; and as I'm primarily an artist rather than a writer, the main thing is I will not do any more fanart of any unconcluded, major corporate media franchise, and will try to restrict my fanart of concluded ones to the following:

Ace Attorney
Professor Layton
Zero Escape
Over the Garden Wall

Also, I may make exceptions for Fire Emblem--the Jugdral continuity, which is concluded though the overall series is not--and Vocaloid, which is sort of a different type of thing overall, including an independent element. Am I saying all other major media series are bad? No! But the bad ones are bad and the good ones don't need my marketing help, so there you go!

This is not simply a negative restriction, a lessening. No! This is so I may more readily do more fanart of independent creators' works, ones which could use the help of little folks like me, and among which there is much treasure to found! I have planned already some awesome pieces of Phacelia, Adventurers' Guild, Soulbound, Flying Sparks, Alt-Hero, and others! And if you have a work, a comic, a novel, please direct me to it and I'll give it a whirl!

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