Saturday, July 25, 2020

Conscientious Objection


Masks do not protect against viruses whatsoever;

The novel corona virus has a relatively low fatality rate anyway;

I believe mask mandates are nothing but psychological conditioning operations to prime the public to accept forthcoming vaccines unquestioningly.

And since I believe forthcoming vaccines are very likely to contain sterilizers,

I conclude acquiescence to mask mandates to be immediate material cooperation with evil and my conscience will not allow me to comply.

Now, on the individual level, it is remote, not proximate cooperation. Your circumstances may be such that the harm that would befall your family if you do not comply would outweigh the good of your individual resistance. But I encourage everyone who can to resist. It is not enforceable if enough of us resist.

The one exception I am making for myself is if a face covering is demanded to enter a church for Mass. I will be deeply saddened by such obeisance on the part of the clergy, but the good of Mass attendance outweighs the evil of such a momentary cooperation by far.

By the way, I think it is perfectly acceptable to make use of medical exemptions. The medical condition of oxygen deprivation under nose and mouth restriction is one we all have.

Pray for me and for our nation.

2 comments: said...

It's about control, pure and simple. Going to Mass is a lot harder - especially in the dog days of Summer - when you can't breathe enough to sing, and you have to pretend that this is all fine and normal and not at all perverse. I sometimes wonder if there wasn't a misprint in Revelation, and it's actually the Mask of the Beast we should be watching for.

Mary MacArthur said...