Friday, July 31, 2020

Paper Doll Veronika addition

It has to be admitted that in the past couple of months, I haven't been working too much on all the Paper Doll Veronika interim extra material that I listed in this post. First there was my sister's wedding and the attendant family visits, and since then I've been working on collaborative projects, mainly Jon Del Arroz's Clockwork Dancer and Jack Mikkelson's Bovodar and the Bears. I am close to done with my portion of Issue Two and Issue One of those respectively, so I want to push through to the end!

But I did do one of the Paper Doll Veronika things in my spare moments: I added an additional ornamentation to each chapter cover, which has some relation to what the chapter contains. So if you haven't yet caught up on this webcomic, or you were thinking of rereading it sometime now that Part I is complete, this is great time to do so!

And I forgot to mention in my earlier post, another thing I plan to do with Paper Doll Veronika is post it also on Webtoons!

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