Monday, November 23, 2020

All Souls Day 1900


The final trial of Great Ace Attorney 2: The Resolve of Ryunnosuke Naruhoudo begins on All Souls' Day, which is very appropriate, seeing as how it involves so many deaths and so many who grieve for them. Ryuunosuke even has a line in the narration about "all sorrows coming together" therein. And so, I had the idea to make the jurors' flames into flames of Purgatory with all the souls whose deaths were related to the case. This is of the same series as my 12 Christmas pictures and Good Friday 2019 picture, particularly calling back to one of the Christmas 2016 ones.

It's late, yes, but it seemed particularly suitable for this year, I might not be able to do it next year, and this year the indulgence for the Holy Souls was extended through all November!

You may say Jezail would be in Hell, not Purgatory, and I would agree, but one of the lessons of All Souls is that while we still live, we cannot know for sure, so we pray for all. And Susato's book is Praying for the Deceased for Dummies, of course!

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