Monday, April 8, 2013

Clare's Costly Cookie book giveaway raffle

I'm giving away a copy of Clare's Costly Cookie by Julie Kelly, illustrated by me! It's the story of a little girl who likes cookies, is annoyed by her little brother, and talks to Jesus. You can read a good review of it here. To enter, just comment on this post with your email address. And, you can get bonus entries if you:

- Follow this blog with Google Friend Connect (see sidebar)
- Like my art page on Facebook
- Follow me on Tumblr
- Watch me on Deviantart
- Mention and link to this raffle on your blog, Twitter, Facebook, whatever!

Just mention which of these things you've done in your comment, and each one will get you another chance. They count too if you did them before I announced the raffle.

Raffle ends April 24. Like a hobbit, I'll give something away for my birthday!


Margie said...

Unknown said...

LordShadowblade here. ;-)

I already watch you on dA and liked your art page, so....

Jen-Marie @ Catholic Inspired said...

Mary, Your artwork is beautiful! Please add me to your giveaway:
God Bless!

Casey said...

I've been able to do everything except follow you via tumblr.

terri j said...

Mary, I am inspired by your artwork. I teach 6th graders on Sundays and I am always looking for new ways to connect them with God. I originally chanced upon your site looking for art that depicts the 12 apostles. Would you consider creating something. I have tried searching on line for 2 days and have yet to become successful in my hunt.I would like to be considered for your gift.

Mary MacArthur said...

Terri J, thank you very much! Please email me if you'd like to commission a picture of the Apostles at

And I could use your email address in case you win the raffle.