Tuesday, October 1, 2013

St. Therese coloring page

Due to health issues and things making me busy, I won't be able to send out October's pages till a couple days into the month. So that folks don't miss the first few days, I'll be posting them here.

It was a little strange to draw St. Therese not in a Carmelite habit, but I wanted to have Pope Leo XIII, so I did the episode where she talked to him when she wasn't supposed to, to try to get his permission to enter Carmel when she was fifteen. Why on earth couldn't I give him a halo, I ask you? He should totally be canonized. And you know how in some of the Sherlock Holmes stories, it mentions Sherlock working for the Pope? That would have been him.

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Melody said...

I always loved this story from her life!
Which "Sherlock Holms" stories mention the Pope? I don't remember those, but I'd love to read them!

Mary MacArthur said...

One of them is "The Adventure of Black Peter" in The Return of Sherlock Holmes. I can't find the other at present. It's just mentions, but still cool.