Friday, May 13, 2016

Aitkin Age column: a requested response

My latest column for the Aitkin Independent Age is another response, this time to a column by my editor himself, who was a very good sport about it. The subject matter, however, is nothing good-natured, especially as our fallen nation's dictator seeks to impose it on all children.

A reader asked that if I, like her, disagreed with it, would I be willing to reply to Adam Hoogenakker’s editorial “It’s not about equal rights.” I do disagree, and am flattered to be considered a viable proponent for this view, which, according to one of our polls, is shared by many Age readers. I am also grateful to Mr. Hoogenakker for his gracious spirit of free speech and debate, as opposed to many who would have just called the reader and me transphobic.
In the conflict over allowing those who consider themselves a different sex from biological fact into whatever restroom they choose – with Target’s pro-transgender policy being the latest scuffle – the danger of sexual predators is a prime issue. About this, Mr. Hoogenakker says “I’ve never worried about [his children] being molested or violated” in a Target store restroom.

I would guess, though I could be wrong – and I deeply apologize if I am – that no one close to him was sexually assaulted as a child. This, of course, is a good thing and I hope it will always be that way, because such abuse should never happen. However, the outlook of one who was abused or knows those who were, might be different.
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respicimar said...

You are spot on, Mary, and your concluding sentence says it all. Our culture continues to appease the demands of those who are sick at the very core of their being, hoping to gain a moment's peace. Immediately more demands are made.

For the sake of His Sorrowful Passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world.