Sunday, May 8, 2016

New header and new themes

As you can see, I've got a new header banner image, and changed the title of the blog to match the URL. I think the old title was a bit pretentious, and this is also more concrete and distinctive, so.

As also indicated by the banner and its messy electric array of images, I'm expanding this blog's function. I've been writing a lot more essays lately. The ones on here will probably mostly be about Catholic matters: the current state of things especially with the progression of the Kasperite heresy, but also theology for its own sake, systematic and speculative, which I enjoy a lot more.

Finally, considering that, due mainly to my coloring pages, my audience seems mainly to be made up of Catholic homeschooling mothers, I want to be of further help to this group, especially since I think it's one of the few things that has potential of hope for our civilization. So I think it might be helpful if I review media aimed at children, both as to how good it is in the absolute sense, and how appropriate it is for different ages of children.

I do watch a lot of things made for children, and I don't see that there's much of this from a Catholic perspective... There's Steven Greydanus, and that's about all I know of. And he just does movies, not shows, and, while I greatly respect the work he has undertaken and his success therewith, I often disagree with his assessments of films, not just aesthetic but also moral and theological. So! I hope that the reviews I'm planning will be informative for parents in this time where much of children's media is corrupted by anti-Christian propaganda for death-sucking perversion, but there are, conversely, also many works of great worth and beauty.

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