Friday, May 6, 2016

Anniversary of an earlier birthday

My birthday was a Sunday while ago; I had recently gotten myself a dress I had wanted for a long time, the Wiz me Over the Rainbow jumperskirt by Baby the Stars Shine Bright.

I realized that it was the twenty-fifth anniversary of the best birthday of my childhood, a Wizard of Oz themed one, so once again I basically dressed like Dorothy for my birthday, including for Mass that morning!

(I absolutely refuse to surrender Wizard of Oz to the sodomites. Book or film, it never was and never will be about them.)

I still have this bow I wore for that birthday 25 years ago.

Tried to make proper strawberry shortcake... I think it turned out like it was supposed to, but it was kind of bland and didn't look very pretty.

And no action figure to put atop it this year! Ah well.

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