Friday, September 22, 2017

No more monthly Decadence previews

I didn't always put them here, but I'm ceasing to post monthly previews for my Batman fancomic anywhere.

The monthly preview system is NOT helpful towards making progress on the next. Because of it, I had been doing as follows: Working from the script I have written, I thumbnail a page, then, because I need something that looks relatively polished for a preview, I start drawing said page, a little each day. On the 25th of the month, I scan some part of the page I'm working on and post it as a preview. It's a frantic, discouraging catch-up game, and it's not working. It does not encourage me to work faster, and it's disjointifying the flow of the chapter. The whole chapter NEEDS to be thumbnailed before starting on the pages.

Ideally of course, I'd have finished the thumbnailing and be well underway with the pages by the middle of the month. But it was always the case that, being a fancomic, Decadence would have to take a back seat to creative works that I could make money from. In the past, these were mostly freelance jobs, but right now I'm on the cusp of launching some projects that would make money and would actually be stories from my own creative vision: a comic in collaboration with a significant author and an original webcomic. The comics industry is in upheaval. Now is a key time to plant new seeds. I definitely still also want to tell my story inspired by the legend that is Batman, so I'm getting rid of its monthly preview so that I can work on it more steadily and efficiently alongside all these endeavors. Thank you for your patience and attention.

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