Friday, September 29, 2017

Patreon Beneficiary: Chateau Grief

The second of the webcomics I contribute to on Patreon is Chateau Grief by Jean Guillet.

It's a very strange story, about a near-omnipotent (maybe? we don't know the extent of his power) telepath who rules an island off the California coast and his dealings with a mysterious woman who is shipwrecked there. 

The people of the island, Eynhallow, and the society thereof are kooky and fascinating, and the 3D-rendered architectural backgrounds astounding.
Guillet also does weekly landscapes of places mostly in California, along with historical background. Both are very colorful!

Cathedral Peak by Jean Guillet
Most of the Patreon rewards are tutorials for digital art and so aren't of interest to me, but the reward I wanted was the privilege of seeing each comic page a week early, because this is a story where you're always dying to know what happens next.

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