Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Patreon beneficiary: The Silver Eye

Recently, I started contributing to some artists on Patreon! I think it's a really fun system--although since it has kicked people off for being politically incorrect, I will not be using it myself once get my original webcomic up and running. I hope to be using Freestartr! But Patreon is not so evil that I'm going to forego supporting these storytellers (and getting their rewards) just to spite it.

Anyway! One of the artists I'm supporting is Laura Hollingsworth and her comic The Silver Eye. It's a fantasy adventure that's confusing on the first read, rewarding on the second, and very funny on both.

Here's an excerpt that's both characteristically funny and gives the general premise:

A fanart of it I did recently won second place in a contest she held:

There was a cash prize, so... so far, I've actually gotten more money from The Silver Eye than I've contributed to it. But even were that not the case, the rewards are really worth it; there's loads of interesting stuff that's perfect for the fact that these are the sort of characters that you want to know more and more about and see in all kinds of situations.

The Patreon page is here!

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